How to Kill Stink Bugs

Anyone who has been trying to enjoy a summer day outside with friends and family can likely relate to having accidentally crushed a stink bug. These prolific little insects have a natural chemical defense system whose noxious odor can deter much bigger predators—and it can put a damper on any picnic. Now that stink bugs have become a certified pest plague by the USDA, homeowners and farmers everywhere need to know how to kill stink bugs.

Non-Lethal Methods of Killing Stink Bugs

Due to the stink bug’s reaction to trauma and fear (the smelly chemical) it is preferable to remove the stinkbugs prior to trying to kill them. One stink bug is enough to make your nose burn; an infestation of hundreds can render a room uninhabitable for hours or even days. For indoors, the best way to kill stink bugs is with non-lethal methods like light traps and sticky glue traps. Also, keep the bugs out first by sealing up entries through crack and gaps in siding, pipes, crawlspaces, etc.

Pesticides to Kill Stinkbugs

For outdoor usage a dilution of a Pyrethrum-based chemical diffused in a fine spray on vegetation and the exterior home surfaces will keep them away, but this must be re-applied every 7 to 10 days as the chemical degrades in sunlight. For indoor usage try micro-encapsulated pesticide granules around window ledges, doors and vents. These kinds of pesticides are not reactive, don’t have any scent and last for months. If you find infestations inside walls pesticides aren’t recommended because the dead bugs could draw other annoying insects which want to feed on them.

Unique Treatments to Kill Stink Bug Populations

A quick search on the internet will yield hundreds of interesting home remedies for stink bug control. Some of the best ways to kill stink bugs are the easiest: vacuum them up. Pluck them up and flush them down the toilet or drop them into jars of alcohol, which will kill them in seconds. They’re slow and cumbersome and thus are easy to catch. Spraying down the leaves of house plants with a mixture of ¾ Dawn dishwashing liquid and 32 ounces of hot water will discourage the bugs from damaging the plants as well as killing the stink bugs already there. Sometimes you have to be creative to kill stink bugs.

Outdoor Natural Remedies for Killing Stink Bugs

One of the most successful methods used on large scales to kill stink bugs and other insect pests is utilizing natural predators. Bats and birds are known stink bug eaters, and both kinds of animals are beneficial overall. There are ways to encourage bats to nest nearby, but you need to base your search on geographical location. Some other insects love stink bugs, such as the tachinid fly and small parasitic wasps. Both of these bugs either kill or implant their larvae on stink bugs, killing them either way. Install small, flowering trees and plants to encourage these bugs to come.

There are many ways to kill stink bugs. The homeowner just needs to be creative and dedicated to make use of them. Frequently several methods will need to be combined to ensure complete success. Stink bugs don’t always have to win in the battle for your lawn and home.

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